Why choose custom solutions?

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No need to compromise on system design

Many companies choose off-the-shelf systems which are then adapted to meet changing needs of the business. Whilst this can be done successfully, in most cases projects end in a compromise that does not meet requirements, or needs work-arounds and user knowledge to deal with exceptions. Building a custom solution from the start, provides your business with the agility to react to any and all challenges.

Builds in competitive advantage

When everyone in the industry uses the same technology there is limited room for differentiation. Custom solutions let you build out new services and improve processes above and beyond what your competitors can do - find out how CDER revolutionised debt enforcement with its bespoke platform.

Build your own IP to create opportunity

With a Custom Solution, you retain the IP of your technology, delivering a range of benefits:

  • No future license fee negotiations or changes in commercials with the rights holder
  • Claim R&D tax credits against investment into your platform - rebates of up to 33% of all spend on development is achievable
  • Future revenue opportunities, thanks to the option to license the system to other businesses or industries

Increases business value by making technology an asset

  • Today, every business must be a technology business, no matter the industry. Investing in a custom solution puts technology at the heart of what you do and creates a platform for transitioning to a technology-led business.
  • Investment into custom solutions counts as cap ex for accounting purposes. Furthermore it enables the business to be valued for acquisition or investment as a tech business, with a much greater multiplier for valuation terms. This model has been used to great effect by some of our clients who have secured high profile acquisitions: debt management solutions company, CDER, taxi and courier company, Addison Lee, were acquired for multipliers based on technology businesses rather than brick and mortar firms.

Custom Solution Customers benefits from a dedicated development team

  • Retain full control over your tech roadmap and delivery - get updates when you want them and never join a queue to wait for new functionality
  • Safeguard against rising license charges from vendors
  • Fast prototyping to seize new business opportunities / business agility to respond to changing market conditions
  • Build system expertise within the business by working in close collaboration with expert developers

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