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THESIS is a modern Enterprise Сontent Мanagement (ECM) system, primarily targeted at businesses in Russia and CIS states. The focus of the system is in the business process management (BPM) area - it serves as a perfect tool to automate a company's processes of any complexity. Built on the CUBA platform, THESIS benefits from open source code, a modern technology stack and scalable architecture, as well as rapid application development tools to make implementing specific business requirements even easier.

In addition, THESIS features standard out-of the-box solutions for task management, document endorsement and standard office processes such as processing inbound and outbound correspondence or managing document archives. These features are often sufficient to support most SME requirements, greatly reducing implementation budgets.

The first version of THESIS was launched in 2010. Since then the system has been successfully used to automate work of more than 10000 employees in more than 200 companies, including Alliance Oil Company, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, RosGeology and many more.

The THESIS website is currently available in the Russian language only. If you are interested in more information about THESIS but require translation, please contact us.