Complex risk monitoring & assessment system for the United Kingdom national retailer

The Challenge

A large UK retailer with over 1400 supermarkets across the country faced challenges to many of its locations due to risk of flooding from rivers, seas and surface water.

The flooding of a location creates immediate costs from loss of trading and loss of stock, further costs come with the clean up and retrospective flood mitigation.


The business decided to implement Flood Risk monitoring system to evaluate the enduring risk to individual locations, assess situations in dynamic and report when risk increases. CUBA Platform (now Jmix) was chosen as a base technology for the project.

  • Haulmont experts participated in the project developments as part of the combined team of consultants and retailer staff.

    The crucial task of the system development was integrating data from numerous resources: the frequency and intensity of rainfall, weather observations and forecasts. This created a full picture of the situation and tracks the flood risks in real time. It was also necessary to integrate the solution with the internal legacy systems. Thanks to the CUBA Platform which speeded up development, the final solution was delivered within seven months.

  • The system contains geospatial data on all supermarket locations and their parameters, alongside datasets from various sources such as the Environment Agency, Historical Flood records and detailed Flood Surveyor reports for specific locations.

    Additionally, real time data was utilized to dynamically assess risk, including; flood warning information, data from over 1,400 Environment Agency River Gauge, UK Meteorological Office Weather Stations, Severe Weather Warnings and Social Media sources.


The team delivered a truly comprehensive flood risk management application. All the information about the flood risk, situation dynamics and severe weather alerts was visually represented on a dashboard alongside, enabling the customer to plan confidently for the long term management of flood risk and know that a range of verified, critical information sources will be available come a dynamic flood risk situation.

Real time alerts were issued to enable critical management decisions to be made on a best informed basis and in a timely manner. Those locations identified as at high risk of flooding stores are receiving long term flood mitigation investment, whilst proactive measures are also taking place to enable stores to respond more dynamically to evolving flood risk situations. Across the management structure of the retailer and their facilities management partner, there is a new preparedness for the challenges of extreme weather.
As a result, the retailer can avoid catastrophic sequences of flooding and major costs.