A Rideshare, Scheduling and Fleet Management Solution

The Challenge

Addison Lee acquired Tristar Worldwide in June 2016. As part of that deal, the company took over management of provision of free VIP car travel for customers of Saga Cruises.

Depending on the level of importance, VIP customers booking Saga Cruises are offered an individual or shared car journey from their homes to the ports where they will begin their cruises.

Tristar managed the process of allocating passengers to vehicles via a mix of legacy systems and manual processes, and it was clear that automating this process was essential to delivering greater operational efficiencies and improving transparency and real time information to enable fleet controllers to make better scheduling decisions and meet stringent customer service SLAs.


Addison Lee commissioned Haulmont to build a standalone web-based application that would receive data feeds from Saga - regarding the details of cruise passengers for pick ups, and Titan - regarding the availability of drivers and vehicles.

  • The application was then responsible for planning rideshares and allocating vehicles in advance, passing any jobs that could not be covered by the dedicated fleet back to Tristar and / or its affiliate partners. All processes were automated, but with manual sign off.

    Separate controller screens were developed to enable Tristar Controllers to maintain visibility of all operations and the customer journey at all times, to improve efficiency and guarantee customer service.


The CUBA-based (now Jmix) solution now processes 16,000 jobs a month during peak times, calculating rideshares for around 90% of all jobs. Around 2.7million miles of journeys are processed each month, an increase of 22% year on year.

The solution now automates the embarkation / disembark process for each cruise. This process was previously done manually and took over two hours, now it takes 30 seconds - a huge saving in time and resource.