Haulmont delivers custom technology platform to enable TAB Bank’s growth and expansion


Since 1998, TAB Bank has provided business finance solutions to clients across the USA. The company originally specialised in finance for the transport and freight industries but has since diversified its portfolio to include online banking services which appeal to other business sectors and consumers across North America.

TAB Bank began using Haulmont’s CUBA Platform (now Jmix) for rapid enterprise grade development in 2016.

The goal was to build a reliable and scalable tech infrastructure for the bank based on modern technologies to support further growth and expansion.


Business areas now using CUBA Platform to enable tech-led growth through greater efficiency and scalability:

  • Loan application system and processing

    Previously TAB Bank used a well-known CRM system to record and process inbound loan applications. Despite using an internationally recognised off-the-shelf platform, this proved limiting to the business as it was unable to tailor the solution to the specific requirements of processing a loan application. By migrating this process to CUBA the business would be able to centralise storage of customer data, reduce the number of disparate systems in use and develop a specific workflow designed to make the process as easy as possible for both the consumer and employees at TAB Bank.

    Haulmont developed a custom workflow to capture loan applications made via TAB Bank’s website and feed this data into CUBA to manage the entire lifecycle of a loan from application and assessment through to approval/rejection and notifying the client.

    Migrating this process to CUBA was time-sensitive as TAB Bank did not want to auto-renew with the incumbent CRM system for another year and pay the associated licensing costs; Haulmont delivered this functionality in a timely manner to cut costs for the business. Other benefits include greater overall efficiency as the majority of approval/rejections are now automated.

  • Risk management system

    Following the successful pilot and rollout of the loan application system, Haulmont was asked to develop a risk management system.

    TAB Bank’s risk management process is designed to monitor compliance and industry regulation, notifying the bank when key performance indicators drop below certain levels. Previously, TAB Bank used spreadsheets to manage this but it was a ‘clunky’ process and offered limited functionality. Haulmont created an intuitive process on CUBA which demonstrates key performance indicators and emerging risks in a clear and concise way. The system recognises indicators that need addressing and highlights when it is necessary to conduct an audit.

  • Credit checks

    TAB Bank uses a scoring system built on CUBA to perform credit checks for new loan applicants. A credit check request is automatically sent to external credit agencies such as Experian and PayNet; CUBA uses this information alongside additional data such as income, workplace and assets to calculate a credit score which is used to assess an individual’s suitability for a loan, terms and rates.

    Automatic payment recognition and reconciling

    TAB Bank also provide factoring services to clients and this is a fast growing area of the business. Factoring is an admin-heavy service to provide and it quickly became apparent that automating this process would be highly beneficial. Haulmont developed an automated workflow to reconcile payments, deduct funds under a factoring agreement and notify customers of invoice payments. As a result, staff could focus on a small number of cases that required manual intervention.


Since developing CUBA Platform customisations, TAB Bank has automated many business processes which had previously been laborious, manual tasks. This has increased efficiency, with the Loan Applications team noting that 12 hours of admin time per week has been saved through automating application approvals/rejections in 85-90% of cases.

CUBA has provided a foundation to scale up TAB Bank’s services without needing to increase overheads through additional staff to process applications, contributing to the overall expansion of the business.

Additional benefits include an improved customer experience as tasks are processed more rapidly and with fewer errors.