Haulmont has developed a nationwide medical training portal for Russian Ministry of Health


The Russian Ministry of Health wished to modernise its training website by creating an online educational portal, complete with apps for iOS and Android smartphones.

The legacy site hosted training materials for medical professionals across various health authorities and pharmaceutical specialists, but a more dynamic solution was required to provide up to date training resources, new tools with a high degree of smart customisation and personalisation.


The Ministry of Health approached Haulmont’s custom solutions team to create a platform for training resources that would be continuously updated with new tools. Training materials are provided by specialised organisations such as leading medical universities in Russia.

  • The new portal would have a new and updated UI with the ability to create tailored training programmes for different specialists depending on their individual qualifications and goals. Working in partnership with the Russian National Research Medical University (RNIMU), Haulmont developed a portal which uses algorithms to create individual five-year training plans and trajectories for each individual portal user.

  • The algorithm is based on a questionnaire and testing. The questionnaire is used to determine the interests and professional activity of the specialist and the testing is used to evaluate his or her knowledge and skills. Using accumulated data, the system can identify typical knowledge gaps based on previous test answers in the portal and use this to assign mandatory and optional training programmes which correspond to the individual’s training needs.

The system also features dashboards with graphs, charts and badges which document an individual’s training progress for motivational purposes and to track progress against other users.
Other reporting information has been designed to support employers and health authorities, for example, statistics relating to the overall training progress of different institutions or regions.


As of May 2020, the portal is being used by over 1.9 million specialists across various locations and managing large numbers of users at any given time.

There are currently 33,000 educational programmes and 3,000 interactive modules from 1000 organisations available to users.