The Keyholding Company – full systems replacement

The Challenge

The Keyholding Company is a security services and alarm response business, headquartered in London, with a national network of partner companies.

In 2013, CEO Charlie Gordon Lennox approached Haulmont to partner him in supporting a digital transformation of his company, to build an enterprise IT system that would handle all aspects of day to day operations and provide a platform to enable the next stage in The Keyholding Company’s evolution from leading independent keyholding provider, to become the most technologically advanced player in the entire security and response industry.


An initial three month pilot project delivered a proof-of-concept solution comprising enterprise-spec controller screens managing a highly custom mobile workforce app.

  • Integrated with Keyholding’s legacy platform, the pilot project allowed controllers to allocate jobs in the system and receive real-time updates from the highly configurable mobile app. The success of this project was evident not just in the board approving a full systems replacement project but also in the fact that the pilot solution itself was rolled out to national partners to deliver immediate value to the business whilst the Haulmont team prepared the full scale version.

  • By the end of 2014 the first release of the new system; ‘Chase’ went live via parallel running with the legacy system to minimize business disruption. Continually developed by an integrated team of The Keyholding Company’s Tech and Ops staff working alongside Haulmont developers, Chase now runs all aspects of the company’s operations, alongside powerful best-in-class third party solutions for CRM, call centre and business intelligence.


The Keyholding Company is now recognized as the most technologically advanced company in its field. Across the UK, 2,000 operatives use the company’s mobile app to complete over 45,000 jobs per month whilst maintaining a quality of service that is accredited as in the top 5% of all security companies.

Performance in alarm response is a key metric for the business and since Chase went live, average processing time for booking an alarm response has been reduced from 5-8 minutes to under a minute, with over a third of all bookings processed with no human involvement at all.

By restructuring their business around a ‘Digital-First’ philosophy, with Chase at the core, The Keyholding Company has not only delivered efficiency and a platform for scale, but also an unparalleled service offering for clients, thanks to their ability to manage customer service and reporting. The company now has a significant data engineering unit to capitalize on the huge amount of data generated by Chase and its third party integrations, enabling The Keyholding Company to offer MI reporting to clients and a level of regulatory compliance, audit history and commercial SLAs that are far in advance of their competition.

Thanks to the success of Chase, combined with The Keyholding Company’s vision and ambition, the company is now exploiting new markets; it no longer focuses solely on private residence alarm response, but has expanded to managing security for huge multi-site businesses, leveraging their investment in a highly scalable technology platform to deliver high levels of customer service to multiple corporate customers with over 7,000 sites nationwide.