Haulmont and Raiser partner to develop and implement web portal for Kyrgyzstani public services tender

The Challenge

The government of Kyrgyzstan issued a tender to digitise the provision of public services including passport applications, health insurance and tax returns.

Following the tender process, the government selected Kyrgyzstan-based Raiser Technology to develop a solution. Raiser Technology then approached Haulmont to use its CUBA Platform (now Jmix) as the foundation technology for the project.

Raiser chose CUBA for two primary reasons; CUBA is an enterprise grade framework for rapid application development which would accelerate the delivery of the project and CUBA is world-renowned to be robust, reliable and secure. As the project was of national importance in Kyrgyzstan, the reliability of the platform was paramount. It also needed to be able to support thousands of concurrent users and millions of annual operations.


The project was implemented by a collaborative team.

  • Raiser Technology was the lead contractor and their specialists were responsible for front-end development including the user interface. Haulmont’s CUBA Custom Solutions team was responsible for high-level development of system architecture, back-end development and consultancy regarding implementation options.

    The system was required to verify digital signatures to allow users to register through the portal securely; offer a list of services; complete applications for various services, track their statuses and receive update notifications.


The solution went live in early 2019 following a soft launch to test functionality. During the first six months of operation, over 23.5 million services were provided through the online portal with 500 to 600 visitors on average every day.

Following the initial success of the project, there are plans to continue expanding the portal’s functionality with a further 200 public service functions in the pipeline to be digitised.