Document flow automation for energy business

The Challenge

The Central Asian Electric Power Corporation (CAEPC) is the largest electricity company in Kazakhstan, with over 10,000 staff managing a network of power lines that cover 50,000 km².

The group comprises several distinct businesses based in various offices, sharing responsibility for sales to consumers and management of both customers and infrastructure. With over two million customers CAEPC adds over 50,000 new customers every year to its network, requiring a complex flow of customer documentation across various internal departments in order to onboard new clients. Over time, this process had become disjointed and cumbersome, with no transparency across multiple systems, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of transparency into the process which in turn caused customer service and communications challenges.


CAEPC required a solution that would automate the customer on-boarding process without making wholesale changes to the process itself. A high level of customization would be required but the budgets and short timescales involved meant building a system from scratch was out of the question.

  • THESIS was selected by CAEPC because it combined the benefits of a full featured off-the-shelf ECM solution with the flexibility of a proprietary solution.

    With a minimum of development spend, THESIS was customized to perfectly meet the requirements for the on-boarding process whilst delivering a high level of automation and unprecedented transparency into the business processes involved.

    Initially trialed by a single group business, THESIS was quickly rolled out across the whole corporation, to automate all elements of processing new customer applications, from preparing technical documents and specifications, to customer documentation and approvals.


Thanks to THESIS, the customer on-boarding processing time has been reduced by 20-50% and the use of paper documents has reduced by 70%. The system has over 3,000 active users at any given time and processes in excess of 1,700 documents per day.

THESIS was so successful in exceeding CAEPC’s expectations that the company has subsequently implemented THESIS in other business areas such as mailroom and Procurement as well as being integrated with the company's ERP and Personnel systems.