BlackCab grows to over 500 vehicles with Sherlock Taxi dispatch system

The Challenge

BlackCab is a private hire and taxi company operating in Bucharest, Romania. In 2013, the company operated 30 vehicles supporting a predominantly retail service.

With global tech giants such as Uber entering the market, BlackCab knew that they needed the right technology in place in order to diversify their offering, scale quickly and compete in the new app-driven taxi sector.


BlackCab’s strategy was threefold; offer different service levels at different price points, implement intuitive iOS and Android apps and serve a corporate account base.

  • The company launched three different service levels; a premium chauffeur-style service which is aimed at consumers who use apps; ‘Joy’ which is a budget-friendly service to compete directly with the likes of Uber and ‘KidsCab’ which is a safe transport alternative for children across Romania.

    BlackCab approached Haulmont because of its reputation with Addison Lee and LeCab. In order to respond to Uber and other companies in the market, BlackCab understood the importance of user-friendly, intuitive customer apps for both iOS and Android. Sherlock was implemented with no business disruption, initially with the out-of-the box smartphone apps and standard auto allocator.


Since partnering with Sherlock BlackCab has grown to a 500 car fleet, representing a 500% increase within six years. The business has gone from completing a few hundred jobs per week to tens of thousands, auto-allocating 99% of the jobs to maximize efficiency across the fleet, raising the number of jobs per driver and increased business revenue.

Approximately one third of their work is now corporate accounts which BlackCab manages through the flexible and configurable account management and travel policies available within Sherlock.

BlackCab continue to work with their Project Manager at Sherlock and the development team to customize the product to suit their individual business needs. Most recently, Haulmont has developed a custom iOS app for the business to cement their position as a leading app-based travel firm.

Radu Gogoasa,

‘We really appreciate that Sherlock understand our business from an operational point of view. They always keep up with the latest technological developments which has allowed us to become a tech pioneer in Romania when it comes to the ride-sharing industry. We collaborate with our team at Sherlock on a weekly basis to constantly iterate and improve the system and their advice with regards to scalability has been so valuable.’