IT Consultores partners with Haulmont to modernise its banking software solutions for the South American markets


IT Consultores was founded in 2003 and is a leading software provider to the banking industry in Paraguay, supplying the majority of the country’s banks.

The company’s legacy technology had become outdated and in need of modernisation; stakeholders began researching modern technology frameworks and applications for their next product release. Research led the company to approach Haulmont regarding its Jmix (formerly CUBA) platform, a framework for rapid enterprise development.


The project team at IT Consultores worked in partnership with Haulmont’s custom solutions team to migrate the company’s existing banking software solutions to Jmix.

By rebuilding the core system’s architecture and UI using Jmix, the new solution could be scaled easily and customised to support individual client requirements. The new solution, ‘Finera’, is designed to fulfil the operational needs of the banking sector through a more intuitive and user-friendly solution. Complicated screens displaying lots of data have been replaced with workflows which guide users through processes to reduce the risks of human error.

    • All core functionality of an operational banking system such as account management, configuration of transactions, etc.
    • Customer 360 — Client information presented in a single view with easy-to-use navigation and configurable elements to tailor displays to individual user needs
    • Credit management and control - fully automated credit process including incoming loan applications processing, loans issuing, interest calculation and loans closure
    • Cash management

    Following the successful rebuild of Finera, IT Consultores continued to work with Haulmont to develop an additional product for the banking industry; a reporting software platform called ‘Kadiko’. This solution pulls data from various IT systems in use to produce business intelligence reports. One example is Kadiko’s liquidity report which can be shared directly with the Central Bank of Paraguay to support credit applications; the applicant is sent updates such as further information required or the credit request has been approved/denied. Staff have access to a dashboard which shows updates and any reports which require further action and as a result, Kadiko significantly reduces the time spent on admin-heavy processes and report writing.

Outcome & Results

IT Consultores has launched two products in partnership with Haulmont which are market-leading in South and Latin America, strengthening the company’s reputation as a technology leader.

The company has benefitted from working in partnership with Haulmont’s custom solutions team. Internal IT staff (who have knowledge of the business, client needs and the local market) have been able to scale up development by leaning on Haulmont’s resources who have specialist knowledge of Jmix and therefore the entire system rebuild has been expedited.

Since launching Finera, IT Consultores has onboarded new finance companies in Paraguay and more recently, won an award in the Service Design category at the Design Talent Awards in recognition of its new solutions.