Modernizing Legacy Applications

Modernizing Legacy Applications

Digital Transformation comprises the transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the opportunities offered by emerging digital technologies.

An integral part of this process is modernizing existing applications. Jmix (ex-CUBA Platform) architecture and Generic UI present a perfect target for the migration and further development of such systems.

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According to Gartner, legacy enterprise applications can be divided into two classes:

Core systems

Mission-critical systems are slow to change as the cost of failure is incredibly high: for some businesses even 10 minutes downtime may cost millions. However, inevitably, core systems eventually become outdated and must be addressed.

Our engineers have unique experience of migrating large scale high-loaded enterprise solutions running 24/7 with zero disruption, using the “parallel running” approach:

  • the new application is built side-by-side with the legacy system
  • features are replaced one by one to minimize disruption
  • data is synchronized, so users can work with both systems during the migration period
  • there is always an ability to rollback
  • after all features are migrated, the old system is discontinued
This model of working is often discussed but rarely successfully implemented, however Haulmont can point to multiple examples of migrating critical enterprise systems without impacting operations.
Core systems

Peripheral systems

Upgrading smaller and non-critical systems requires fast and cost efficient approaches. In these scenarios, we have successfully utilized Jmix to underpin the efficient delivery of robust and scalable solutions.

CUBA (now Jmix) tools include:

  • a migrator, scaffolding a fully functional CRUD web application on top of a legacy database
  • automatic screens migration for MS Access
This immediately provides a strong foundation for migrating business logic and custom screens from outdated or limiting platforms. The richness of Jmix ecosystem enables us to quickly enhance their capabilities further.
Peripheral systems
Obsolete Systems

Obsolete Systems

Our partners specialize in modernizing even older systems based on IBM i, HP 3000 MPE or the likes into web solutions.

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