Custom Solutions Development

Custom Solutions Development

We develop innovative solutions, helping businesses realize operational efficiency and gain competitive advantage. With over 400 specialists, we are ready to undertake the most challenging projects.

Our confidence is backed by the success stories of our customers, 10 years of experience and wide adoption of open source technologies developed by our engineers.

Industry Expertise

  • Addison Lee
    Addison Lee
    Europe’s largest minicab company with a fleet of almost 5,000 vehicles carrying 10 million passengers a year.
    Addison Lee

    Since 2008, Haulmont has been developing and supporting the company’s bespoke ERP system, which enabled turnover growth from £29m to £350m over this period.

    In partnership with Haulmont, Addison Lee became pioneers in mobile app bookings, years before Uber came into play. The company reduced dead mileage and their carbon footprint by 20% through increased efficiency and automated allocation of 99% of jobs.

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  • CDER
    A debt recovery and enforcement agency.

    In 2012, as a result of a two year project, Haulmont completely replaced a legacy system with a new solution named AR12, with zero disruption to business operations.

    AR12 changed operations completely, taking full control of day to day decisions, and minimizing human factor dependency. As a result, enforcement officers increased their efficiency by 50% with unprecedented regulations compliance.

    The solution paved the way for CDER Group to become a recognized UK market leader, attracting strategic investors and strengthening their position via a series of acquisitions.

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Mainstream Technologies

An enterprise solution comprises multiple components. Our engineers choose the most appropriate architecture design and technologies depending on the environment, scale, and usage scenarios.

How we work with you

  • Technology partner

    Execute the entire software development process from business analysis, spec, design and QA through to delivery and documentation
  • Combined team

    We form a joint team with a client to create the optimal combination of technical skills and business knowledge, with shared responsibility for the project success
  • Skilled resource

    Our expert staff work entirely under a client’s direction to fill gaps in project roles and add capability where required

Transparent development process

  • Agile Process
  • Initial Briefing
  • Express Analysis
    Business Analyst
  • Business
  • Project
    Kick Off
    Project Manager
  • Business
    Solution Design
  • Release
    Project Manager
  • Development
    TL & Devs
  • Testing
  • Demo/UAT
    Business Analyst
  • Release
  • Deployment
    Dev ops
  • Support
    Support Engineer


With hundreds of delivered projects, our engineers are ready to share knowledge and best practices in enterprise software development with your team. We can help you with:

  • Establishing agile project management processes

  • Setting up development and CI/CD infrastructure

  • Architecture design and code review

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