Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

THESIS is a modern document and task management solution. Suitable for all business industries and government. THESIS helps to speed up workflow, put all documents in order and streamline business-processes.

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Product Features

THESIS is ready to automate routine business processes straight out-of-the-box, collaborate on documents, contract approval, assignment and control of tasks. Thanks to the flexibility of the system and open source code, custom features can easily be developed to suit individual business needs.

  • Web-based document repository to digitize documentation and enhance collaboration across teams
  • Out-of-the-box business process workflows designed to automate routine business processes and reduce inefficiency
  • ‘Workflow Designer’ module to create templates to automate more complex or business-specific processes
  • Multi-channel notifications including email, mobile and in-app
  • Mobile app to facilitate access to data on the go
  • Powerful reporting tools to provide management information and quickly identify bottlenecks
  • Open API technology to seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms, bringing all critical business information into one single window