Rapid Application Development for Modern Web Applications

Rapid Application Development for Modern Web Applications

Haulmont has contributed
to open source software since 2016

More about Jmix benefits

Over 20,000 developers and companies all
over the world are creating awesome solutions with CUBA Platform (now Jmix)

The Jmix Ecosystem

Proven architecture based on mainstream open source technologies
Rapid development tools
Marketplace of community-developed add-ons to solve typical business problems
More about Jmix benefits


  • Based on mainstream open source Java technologies
  • Jmix applications operate in the cloud or local networks, with many popular browsers, DBMS, application server and cloud platforms
  • Open and scalable architecture allows the use of any third-party libraries or API
  • The platform ensures horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Regular underlying stack updates eliminate potential vulnerabilities
Proven flexibility and scalability through thousands of projects across various industries globally

Rapid Application Development
with Jmix Studio

  • Automatic project configuration
  • Visual data model and screen editors
  • Boilerplate code scaffolding
  • Smart prompts and convenient navigation
Studio is a convenient tool for:
  • Developers - based on the popular IntelliJ IDEA
  • Analysts - build protoypes without programming


Our public Marketplace offers 60+ add-ons to implement non-functional requirements out of the box.

Truly Open Source

Open source code throughout the whole stack
Non-restrictive open source Apache 2.0 license
Source code hosted on GitHub
Comprehensive documentation and training materials in several languages
Active 20,000 developer community
Adhering to the open source principles ensures true independence from the vendor

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Our services

Commercial Support
Three levels for any project stage, time limits and budget
We offer flexible training options for your team
Custom Development
We develop innovative solutions, helping businesses realize digital transformation, turn-key or in collaboraton with your team