A Quality Management System for B2B and B2G markets


FINEX is a Russia based 20 y.o. management consulting agency in the field of Quality Management (ISO9001) more than 10 years of experience in the ECM area.

A Quality Management System for B2B and B2G markets with focus on the largest manufacturing companies. The system was delivered within 1 year by only 3 developers and automates the work of Consultants in the field of Quality Management.


In 2016 FINEX decided to build an in-house solution to automate internal processes. CUBA Platform (now Jmix) has been chosen as a proper fit after comparison between other three technologies (Alfresco, Grails and pure Spring). The first prototype was developed from scratch in just 1 month. The basic system went live within the next half-a-year and further 6 months were used to enhance the product with advanced features.

  • As a result, the product contains versatile modules to reflect company needs:

    • Process Management contains the descriptions of company processes, makes it easy to measure their quality and to control on-time fulfilment.
    • Risk Management module keeps the descriptions of potential risks and plans how to mitigate them.

    • Knowledge Management serves as a repository for official Company documents.
    • Check-ups Planning, Auditing and Managing Nonconformity are functions to maintain company’s business operations internally or on the customer side. The abovementioned modules help to conduct audits in a more structured way and with perfect planning ahead.
    • Management Reporting is a module which serves to provide vital information to decision makers.

FINEX intends using CUBA Platform further on for automating its business.