THESIS Enterprise Content Management System

The Challenge

THESIS is an ECM system developed by Haulmont primarily for the Russian market. The solution enables monitoring employees performance, increases the transparency and efficiency of company business processes and streamlines corporate data flows.

Haulmont decided to develop THESIS in 2009 based on the experience of developing an electronic content management system for a major customer. The project proved that a properly implemented ECM can significantly improve a company's performance. One example was the significant reduction in contract approval times, which decreased nearly tenfold after the system was launched. At the time, the ECM market in Russia was far from saturation, and was expanding rapidly while most companies still used hard copies.

On the other hand, the market was divided among several dozen players, including well-known systems like Documentum, CompanyMedia, Efrat, Delo, DocsVision, and Directum. A successful market launch of the new product required a distinctive feature to set it apart from existing systems.


THESIS offers ready-made solutions for businesses and government agencies that can be used immediately upon installation and serves as a reliable and flexible platform for automating unique business processes.

  • Using CUBA platform (now Jmix) provided the required distinction by enabling building the system on the most current technologies, and resulted in multiple advantages:

    • A full-fledged rich web client.
    • Support of all major operating systems and the most commonly used databases.
    • A scalable architecture based on JavaEE standards.
    • Support for extensions to create projects for specific customer requirements.

  • The latter enabled THESIS to be used not only as an ECM system, but also as a flexible platform for automating various enterprise business processes. The extensions facility reduced the complexity of upgrade to new versions, despite highly specific functionality in the customer environment.

    In addition to technological advantages, the platform reduced the cost of product development several times over. This was of critical importance for a young company like Haulmont (established in 2008), as development was funded entirely by the company's own budget.

    The first release of THESIS was announced in April 2010, six months after development began.


THESIS is currently an active international player for ECM systems team. Companies from 9 countries are using THESIS capabilities to boost business performance.

The system has been used to automate over 20,000 workstations at more than 500 companies. These include Alliance Oil Company, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Rosgeology, Russian Platinum and Khabarovsk Airport to name a few.

Owing to the architecture and functionality of the CUBA platform, Haulmont has used THESIS to deploy large-scale distributed solutions that work reliably at companies with multiple regional offices, with thousands of concurrent users.

It is worth noting that THESIS has also strongly facilitated development of the platform itself. We have refined many visual components, implemented new modules like BPM and full-text search, and introduced a thorough testing process in accordance to high standards of enterprise software products.

THESIS’s success has not only confirmed the effectiveness of the CUBA Platform, but also taken its functionality and reliability to a new level.