A solution for monitoring natural disasters and managing the damage control

The Challenge

Consorzio Metis is an Italian custom software development and IT consulting company. The company has been on the market since 2000. Consorzio Metis works with public authorities and non-profit organizations. The company provides comprehensive solutions for the healthcare and civil protection industries.

In 2015 Consorzio Metis started to use CUBA Platform (now Jmix). It was chosen after a research for its comprehensive stack of popular technologies and low entry barrier.

The current project the company develops on CUBA (now Jmix) is a solution for monitoring natural disasters and managing the damage control. It already operates in the Tuscany region, helping volunteers to resolve emergency situations.


The solution is called SOUP_RT (Sala Operativa Unificata Permanente Regione Toscana) which means a unified 24/7 operation centre, Tuscany region. The service is collaborating with the Italian National Fire Brigade and non-profit organizations, such as the Italian Red Cross. To support the SOUP there is an on-call system, always guaranteed by service personnel.

The system is used to prevent and eliminate natural disasters’ consequences. SOUP performs weather analysis, resources management (including human resources), natural disaster alerts, and communication with organizations responsible for civil protection (firefighters, government, etc).

The Consorzio Metis team implemented the following features:

  • Remote weather control of the territory (hydrology, seismic, snow survey) integrated with the Functional Regional Centre;.
  • Databases necessary for the management of any emergencies;
  • disaster alerts processing with a video conference system used for connections with the Department of Civil Protection;
  • visual representation of the weather events on the map with the events’ type, date, location;
  • customized maps with various layers, displaying weather conditions and resources locations;
  • volunteers assignment and transfer organization;
  • advanced role-based access (roles are grouped; users can have profiles with several role types);
  • resources control.

Consorzio Metis is planning to extend the system functionality. The nearest tasks include lots of integrations for implementing the firefighting management.


CUBA (now Jmix) helped Consorzio Metis to cover all the technologies necessary for the project and allowed a simpler and faster development process. Even developers with little experience could complete advanced tasks with the help of the framework.

The SOUP system has a rich, modern and user-friendly interface. It took about 12 man-months to develop its current functionality. CUBA (now Jmix) helped to save much time and efforts by providing fast scaffolding and topography analysis via the Maps add-on.