The CUBA Platform is a high level Java framework designed for fast enterprise software development and is built on industry-leading open source technologies. CUBA addresses generic enterprise software requirements with pre-built features like data-aware visual components, a universal data filter, BPM, reports, charts, fine-grained access control, user actions audit, full-text search, credit cards processing and more.

The platform includes Studio - a tool that works together with your Java IDE. It automates routine developer tasks like project build and database scripts generation, CRUD screens scaffolding and WYSIWYG layout design. Combined with automatic hot deploy, the CUBA Studio brings vast time savings to developers.

CUBA applications can be seamlessly integrated into most IT environments thanks to rich web interface, generic REST API, support for the most popular databases and application servers. Cluster support ensures that applications can scale to the needs of the business.

With all the efficiencies of a high level framework, CUBA is a very open and developer-friendly platform. It comes with open source code and any part of the platform can be overridden to match the needs of your project. The applications have a transparent DB structure and are developed purely in Java.