Biz Cab, based in Malta, was founded by three entrepreneurs looking to shake up the taxi market in Malta as they had been frustrated with the customer experience they had been receiving in the local market. Biz Cab founders launched their start-up in November 2017 with a vision to provide a premium service to both retail and corporate clients across the island.

The company first heard about Sherlock Taxi through using LeCab whilst visiting Paris. Impressed with both LeCab’s service and user-friendly app, they researched the company to find out more about their technology provider. 


2017 was another successful year for Haulmont Technology with business growth across all of our key products.Take a look at the highlights below.  

Our company

Haulmont has seen consistent growth throughout 2017 with profit doubling since 2016 and sales increasing by 75%.

To cope with the additional demand, the business has employed 80 new members of staff, extended the existing offices in Samara and Togliatti and built a brand new office in Saratov.


Haulmont Technology’s THESIS solution has rapidly become one of the leading ECM systems in Russia and the Russian Commonwealth countries.

Haulmont has been developing and implementing software solutions worldwide for over nine years and is proud to announce TAB Bank as the first English-speaking customer to implement THESIS.  

Bryce Mildon, Project Manager at TAB Bank noted that THESIS had been seamlessly installed and tested on the company’s hardware with employees eager to start working on the system.


Joker, one of the largest Java conferences in Russia, took place on the 3rd-4th November at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre in Saint-Petersburg.

Over 1000 developers and IT specialists attended the event including the CUBA Platform team.

More than 40 presentations and speeches on Java technical issues and solutions were given with the hottest topics including the latest releases of Java 9, Java EE 8, JUnit 5 and Spring Framework 5. The highlight was a keynote speech given by Kai Horstmann, author of the legendary book ‘Core Java’.


Last month, Haulmont Technology returned to San Francisco to demonstrate CUBA Platform at JavaOne 2017. JavaOne is the world’s biggest Java developer conference and this year took place on 1st-5th October.

This is the third year that CUBA Platform has exhibited at JavaOne. When the Platform debuted in 2015, the product was relatively unknown, but this has changed significantly as brand awareness has increased over the past three years. CUBA Platform is now well established within the Java community, with attendees keen to find out more about new functionalities and updates to the framework.


In September 2017, Haulmont attended two conferences dedicated to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to showcase our own ECM solution, THESIS. The conferences were ECM Day 2017 and the Russian Enterprise Content Summit (RECS) 2017.

Both events discussed the latest developments in ECM solutions, success stories and new trends.

Ivan Laskin, Head of THESIS at Haulmont, delivered a presentation on ECM mobile clients available and the upcoming THESIS mobile client which is due to be released by the end of 2017. One of the big advantages of this version is being able to work offline using any mobile device.


Haulmont Technology has developed  and  implemented a bespoke solution for DoctorCall, a private medical  company with specialist clinics in London and Manchester.

DoctorCall specialises in home visits and private medical appointments. Launched in 1989, DoctorCall was the first UK company to provide private visiting doctor services and a large-scale flu vaccination programme outside of the NHS. The company employs over 75 staff and clinicians to provide a range of medical services to both individuals and corporate clients.


On 22nd September Haulmont opened a new office in Saratov, a city renowned for its IT industry, with a highly qualified workforce and specialist universities. Local IT specialists were invited to the opening to experience first-hand Haulmont’s latest technologies and projects.

Attendees were briefed by senior figures from Haulmont on the company’s  technology stack, development philosophy and strategic plans for the future.  Following the presentations were a Q&A and breakout sessions for guests to continue discussions one on one.


Since CUBA Platform was published as an open-source solution we are constantly moving towards increasing transparency. The source code is available on GitHub. About a year ago we made CUBA issue tracker accessible, followed by publishing the platform roadmap. Now, we encourage everyone to contribute the code and influence CUBA Platform development.


We recently held a ‘Summer Forum’ for THESIS in which we invited THESIS customers to a two-day business and entertainment event. Customers were invited to share their experiences of using THESIS and provide valuable feedback about the product. We also used this event to announce future plans for THESIS including a new release with document comparison and recognition, based on ABBYY technologies.

The attendees had the opportunity to visit the Haulmont office in Samara and see developers working on new THESIS functionalities before taking a coach tour of Samara and a boat trip along the Volga River.