What is JPA Buddy and why should you use it?

What is JPA Buddy and why should you use it?

After a year of development Haulmont has released JPA Buddy, an advanced plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that accelerates the development process.

Why should developers use JPA Buddy?

JPA Buddy allows developers to be more efficient. This article will explain how, covering what JPA Buddy is and our future plans for the product.


We are the developers of CUBA Platform (recently renamed Jmix), a rapid application development framework built on open source Java technologies. Jmix is unique in that it is both a framework and development tool. Our CUBA Studio (now Jmix) is based on the popular Intellij IDEA and allows developers to rapidly develop enterprise grade applications through automatic project configuration tools and code generation capabilities.

One of the most loved features of CUBA Studio (now Jmix) is the ‘Entity Designer’ which has amazed our 20,000+ developer community thanks to its ease of use and ability to really expedite the process of designing a data model.

Since 2016, we have developed Jmix using open source technology and exhibited at industry conferences across the globe, gathering feedback from developers to better understand how to improve the product for them. Most commonly, our team would be asked, “Can we use your ‘Entity Designer’ in our application without CUBA? (now Jmix)” Until now the answer to this question has always been ‘no’, but this has changed with the launch of JPA Buddy.

JPA Buddy is non-invasive - meaning it doesn't require any extra dependencies - it is a tool and only a tool. This means you can use it for both new and existing projects; it will help you to generate code, find and fix potential bugs, refactor and perform other laborious boilerplate operations.

With JPA Buddy you can:

  • Minimize manual boilerplate coding - JPA Buddy will generate code that you would write manually, but faster
  • Save time on reading the documentation - JPA Buddy provides intuitive and self-explanatory visual design
  • Flexibility - JPA Buddy does not dictate any particular coding style, it provides a range of options
  • Detect potential issues and provide ways to fix the most common problems - JPA Buddy alerts a developer to problems as early as possible, ideally at the coding stage, not in runtime
  • Provide a data-centric view on a project and convenient navigation between related objects

We have deliver a wide range of features in the first release and we have many more in the pipeline including:

  • Hibernate-specific annotations, like @Where, @NaturalId, @Formula, Hibernate search ones and others…
  • Visual query designer
  • Audit using Envers and Spring Data JPA
  • Reverse engineering of a database schema
  • Support for Kotlin

For an overview of how it works and how to install JPA Buddy, visit our dedicated blog - JPA goes even easier with its Buddy.

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