Sherlock Taxi launches new customer in Australia

Sherlock Taxi launches new customer in Australia

myCar is Adelaide’s first and only green chauffeur service. With zero emissions and licensed professional chauffeurs, myCar is committed to providing an environmentally sustainable, low carbon footprint chauffeur service without compromising on quality of drivers or the customer experience.

The business uses Tesla electric cars with no tailpipe emissions and industrial strength air filters as part of their commitment to protecting the environment and people’s health.

The service on offer from myCar is world-class with honest and consistent pricing, tinted windows for discreet travel and on-board entertainment services including Spotify music, WiFi, iPad and in-car laptop and USB charging.

The owners switched from to Sherlock Taxi as they were looking for a more technologically advanced solution. They felt that Sherlock Taxi met their needs because of the wide range of features available, advanced technical capabilities of the system and Haulmont’s proven track-record of working with prestigious, world-leading private hire companies such as Addison Lee.

Today, myCar is a small company operating in the south of Australia. The owners have ambitious plans to grow the fleet in the next few years whilst retaining their focus on premium-quality and an eco-friendly service.

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