Haulmont launches CUBA Platform (now Jmix) in China

Haulmont launches CUBA Platform (now Jmix) in China

We’re delighted to announce that we are launching our CUBA Platform (now Jmix) in China and will be working with a team in China to promote the use of the framework nationally.

There is a lot of opportunity in China as there are a number of young and junior developers looking for rapid development tools such as CUBA (now Jmix) to build on. We have been publishing articles in the Chinese community to ascertain the interest levels and are pleased to see an appetite to use CUBA Platform (now Jmix).

The CUBA (now Jmix) team working on the project has begun translating platform documentation and plans to finish this work ready to release the Chinese site at the beginning of 2019.

We will also be supporting a local forum for developers, attending Java user group meetings and promoting the platform through other marketing channels as we look to grow our presence in the region.

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