DoctorCall partners with Haulmont Technology

DoctorCall partners with Haulmont Technology

Haulmont Technology has developed  and  implemented a bespoke solution for DoctorCall, a private medical  company with specialist clinics in London and Manchester.

DoctorCall specialises in home visits and private medical appointments. Launched in 1989, DoctorCall was the first UK company to provide private visiting doctor services and a large-scale flu vaccination programme outside of the NHS. The company employs over 75 staff and clinicians to provide a range of medical services to both individuals and corporate clients.

As DoctorCall grew, it faced challenges in scaling due to manual process bottlenecks and inaccurate information for planning visits and dispatching doctors. With more back-office staff and telephonists in the business than Doctors on call, the management decided to turn to technology to accelerate growth.

DoctorCall approached Haulmont to develop a solution with automation of visiting doctor services. Phone call and website requests are registered within the system and an estimated arrival time and price is sent to the patient. When the patient accepts this quote, the request is automatically sent to the next available doctor. There is an interactive, real-time map which also allows a central dispatcher to assign a request manually if required.

The new system features an advanced app for the doctors to interact with the system via their own Android or iOS mobile devices. Haulmont was able to dramatically decrease the development time required for deployment by developing a hybrid mobile application with the help of Cordova technology.

The Haulmont team developed a complete solution from scratch in under one year which matched customer expectations and needs. In the first month of using the new system, DoctorCall completed more than 1,000 jobs in London and the surrounding areas. The new system also provides analytics and data for DoctorCall to use to continue growing their business.

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