Seattle — Portland — San Francisco: Haulmont tours America’s West Coast for the Oracle Code One Conference

In October, Haulmont exhibited at the Oracle Code One Conference -  formerly known as JavaOne - in San Francisco. The conference is one of the biggest events across the globe in the Java calendar and a great opportunity for Haulmont to showcase the latest CUBA developments. as well as supporting two Java User Group meet-ups and meeting up with clients on the West Coast.  

Additionally, the team also supported two Java User Group meet-ups, the first of which took place in Seattle. At this event, Haulmont developers discussed some of the most common questions that they are asked and how CUBA can help to solve them.

Andrew Belyaev, CUBA Platform Developer said, “It was great to see so many people attend the presentation and express so much interest in using CUBA as a development platform.”

The team led another meet-up in Portland before visiting several clients across the Coast to talk to them about how they are using CUBA.

At the conference itself, the Haulmont stand was positioned nearby industry giants such as Hazelcast, JetBrains, Pivotal and RedHat, who have recently been bought by IBM. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and industry partners at Vaadin and Transformix.

Andrey Glashenko, CUBA Business Development Director: “It was great to see that so many delegates knew about CUBA already and were definitely interested in the development of the platform.”