CUBA Platform exhibits at GIDS 2017, India

At the end of April, the CUBA platform team took part in the ‘Great Indian Developer Summit’ (GIDS) 2017. GIDS is held in Bangalore — the ‘Indian Silicon Valley’, home to global tech giants such as Infosys, Wipro, Oracle, etc.

This year’s event celebrated GIDS 10th anniversary with 4,000 delegates attending the four-day conference, the majority of whom were experienced or senior developers. Each day of the conference had a different theme with dedicated time spent on topics such as mobile development, Java and DevOps.

2017 was the first time that the CUBA team has exhibited in India and they presented many CUBA platform demos on the stand with over 300 meetings over the four  days. The team were constantly busy meeting with delegates in one of the busiest conferences we have attended.

India was an interesting country to visit for a business trip as the team was met with temperatures of over 35℃ and spicy food that was just as hot as the weather, not to mention a range of new cultural experiences.

«The conference was held in the Institute of Science building. On the first day we went to the venue to prepare the stand and meet with the organisers. We met many visitors during the conference who were asking lots of questions about the product. We had some difficulties with the language barrier as although subjects in Indian schools are taught in English, their pronunciation was different to what we are used to. We were also confused at first by their mannerisms as Indians shake their heads slightly to the right and left in appreciation of something. By the end of the first day, we were all shaking our heads too without noticing it!» says Maxim Gorbunkov, the leading developer of CUBA Platform.

Haulmont Technology and the CUBA Platform was one of the few businesses from Europe exhibiting at the conference. All other companies were located in Bangalore. As a result, there was a lot of interest in the platform. Usually, when exhibiting at these conferences, a ready-made application is shown but the team actually decided to demonstrate how to build an application from the ground up.  

«You should have seen the excitement of delegates when they were able to build and set up a working application in just a few clicks. Once again we have been assured that developing the CUBA Platform as open-source software is the right decision», says Maxim Gorbunkov.