Successful Sherlock implementation in Central Taxis, Coventry

Successful Sherlock implementation in Central Taxis, Coventry

Central Taxis, the largest private hire and taxi operator in Coventry, is now using Sherlock Taxi to run its business.

Central Taxis launched over 20 years ago and has grown to nearly 500 cars which carry out over 140,000 journeys per month. With London-style cabs, minibuses, private hire cars and corporate account clients, Central Taxis covers all types of taxi services in Coventry, taking the majority of bookings via their call centre. When choosing a supplier to work with, the main requirements for Central Taxis included a robust and reliable booking system, accurate GPS tracking, greater visibility of drivers, the ability to access data from the system and increased booking automation.

The Sherlock team were tasked with streamlining processes to speed up booking allocations. The team improved the booking screen so that controllers are able to take bookings more quickly, partly through the use of hotkeys.  As a result, they have increased the number of jobs they can book and complete.

The Sherlock team has developed a range of bespoke features for Central Taxis which are tailored to suit their specific business needs. For example, the team created a driver control system that increases visibility of drivers for the Central Taxis' management team. They can now accurately identify drivers who may be trying to cheat the system.' This means that company management will be notified of a driver error and the driver will receive a temporary ban from the Sherlock system. This has proven very useful for the company as it has reduced the number of jobs which are rejected by drivers and therefore increased operational efficiency.


Central Taxis were given access to a variety of other tools in the Sherlock system to take bookings such as client applications, web-portal and the IVR voice menu system, which takes 20% of incoming bookings. The company plans to drive customers to use the smartphone app in the future to reduce the pressure on call centre staff and increase the number of jobs that can be processed at any one given time.

The implementation of Sherlock Taxi took just four weeks. This included data migration from the legacy system, staff training and a test run of the system to resolve any issues before launching. Sherlock’s team has developed a solution to suit the unique requirements of the business and enable them to compete in an industry which is undergoing unprecedented change.

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