2018 highlights for Haulmont Technology

2018 highlights for Haulmont Technology

It was an exciting year for Haulmont. Founded in 2008, we had a big birthday party in September to celebrate our tenth anniversary. The party was held in Samara, Russia with the London office flying over to join in the celebrations.  We also celebrated the first and second birthdays of our Saratov and Togliatti offices respectively and opened new offices in Vladivostok and Almaty.

Last year we expanded our training programme for new employees and have put plans in place to extend this programme to senior and experienced developers in 2019. We are committed to supporting local IT professionals and as part of this, organised 404 CAMP in partnership with the Government of Samara Region. The event had delegates and speakers from across the country discussing IT trends and industry news relating to machine learning, programming languages, architecture and mobile apps.

We also released a new product called Paraplan. This is a bespoke CRM system designed specifically for children’s learning centres. The product supports accounting, salary calculation, scheduling and much more. So far, we have approximately 50 customers in Russia, all of whom have responded positively to the first release of the platform.



There were big developments for THESIS, our ECM platform: We released a new version of the platform, enhancing product features and launching a mobile app so users can access their documents on the go.

In addition to launching the new app, we launched the platform to a global market. With a focus on the UK and Ireland, we exhibited at the AIIM Forum, London in June. This is an annual one day event providing thought leadership and expert insights into digital transformation and the challenges that underpin it. The event was a success and we have signed up to exhibit again this year.

Our first customer to launch THESIS outside of Russia and the CIS territories was TAB Bank, a financial institution based in America. Following this we began a project for the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank; the bank is one of the largest banks in China, ranked 70th in Forbes’ list of 2,000 largest public companies worldwide.

CUBA Platform (now Jmix)


The CUBA Platform (now Jmix) team focused their efforts on developing a new version of the framework with a beta-version completed in December 2018 and the official release of CUBA 7 (now Jmix) taking place at the start of 2019.

Our CUBA Platform (now Jmix) community continued to grow throughout the year with nearly 3,000 new topics posted in the forum. We also started to promote the framework in China through a partner based in Beijing. This has also led to us translating documents and creating a website for the local market.

Finally, we launched marketplace which is a catalogue of add-ons for CUBA Platform (now Jmix). For more information, visit https://www.cuba-platform.com/marketplace.

Custom Solutions


Our customer solutions team was the faster growing area of Haulmont, nearly doubling in size in 2018. The team worked on more than twenty projects for customers across the globe including well-known brands such as IKEA and Roscosmos.



It’s been a great year for Sherlock Taxi with several new clients going live with us and many others lined up for 2019. The largest of new clients is Streamline Taxis, a company from Brighton, UK with about 650 drivers, operating since 1936. Other launches included Luxe Cars, a fast-growing start-up in Peterborough, UK and myCar in Australia.

We were also delighted to see our customer Airport Lynx from Cambridge win Gold in the Large Chauffeur Operator category at the QSi Awards.

The development team implemented 700 new features ranging from simple changes to the backend of the system through to a complete re-design of the customer booking app. Following on from that re-design, we have also begun working on our new driver app which completely re-designs workflow and improves functionality for drivers.

It was a great year for the business and we have lots of plans in the pipeline for 2019 so keep reading the blog to stay up-to-date with the latest news from us.

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