2016: A game changing year for CUBA Platform (now Jmix)

2016: A game changing year for CUBA Platform (now Jmix)

With 2016 being such a busy year for the CUBA (now Jmix) team, I decided to recap our journey through the year and the key milestones.

Obviously, the greatest  - and very challenging change —  was taking CUBA (now Jmix) open source in April. Now the platform is absolutely free and distributed under Apache 2.0 - with no runtime restrictions on CUBA (now Jmix) applications. Our goal was to free up applications built with CUBA (now Jmix) from any license restrictions: we had concerns that the previous license was discouraging too many developers from trying the framework.

This was quickly proven to be a very positive move for the CUBA (now Jmix) community. Even though the framework became absolutely free, the sales of the Premium Add-ons and commercial version of CUBA Studio (now Jmix Studio) in April alone exceeded all sales for the previous year, giving us the confidence and motivation to develop and professionally support the platform further. Today we have commercial clients in 33 countries, with Germany and USA in the lead.

Community growth is impressive as well. Our monitoring tool based on anonymous statistics - thanks to the users who keep this option on — showed over 800 active projects on CUBA Platform (now Jmix) in December. This is six times year-on-year growth!

As a result, a handful of messages on the community forum in the beginning of the year has now turned into 20-30 each day. To support the growing community, we introduced regular webinars and trainings, and just a few days ago started Gitter for free chat on platform-related topics.

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