CUBA Platform Solution: Ingenico Time Management and Reporting System

CUBA Platform Solution: Ingenico Time Management and Reporting System

As Haulmont's Jmix, formerly known as CUBA Platform, becomes an increasingly well-known Java framework across the globe, many more respected brands are choosing to use the platform for their IT systems.

Ingenico is an internationally recognised provider of secure electronic transaction systems which has recently upgraded their internal task management and reporting systems to CUBA.

Previously, Ingenico’s task management system was primarily based on the PPM (Portfolio and Project Management) tool Sciforma with task management processes, such as Time Entries validation, scattered across two subsystems. The company needed to integrate these into a single comprehensive task management environment. The Ingenico team started to integrate parts of the Sciforma-based system with Jira. The team were time-limited, with only three months to migrate data from Sciforma and ensure compliance between the two systems. To expedite the process, Ingenico utilised CUBA Studio and the Charts add-on.

The newly built task management system became known as “The Pipe” and aimed to: automate tasks in Sciforma (such as project progress validation), allow users access to timesheet data on a monthly basis and perform quality checks to raise notifications to highlight compliance breaches between the two systems.

A new reporting system was also developed to support the needs of non-technical staff such as Sales & Marketing Managers who don't have the specific computer science knowledge to make queries in Jira. The system provides reporting functionality, control over R&D activity, and project delivery information.

CUBA Platform has allowed Ingenico to save time thanks to its stack of integrated technologies. Ingenico's development team did not need extensive knowledge of Spring and UI technologies as CUBA has these features built-in which meant that the team could focus on business objectives and deliverables. Thus, Ingenico could concentrate on the desired result. CUBA features helped to build a rich UIwith graphical information, powerful BI and analytics.

Read the full case study for more information.

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