Automated solution for call handling and appointment scheduling at UK private medical company

Automated solution for call handling and appointment scheduling at UK private medical company

Doctorcall is a private medical company with clinics across London and Manchester. Founded in 1989, it was the first private medical company in London to offer home visits. The business approached Haulmont in 2017 to develop a solution to manage call handling and appointment scheduling.

Previously the business had some difficulty in managing the booking and scheduling process which involved a patient making a call to the call centre, an operator looking for a suitable doctor based on which doctors were on shift and cross-referencing this information against the doctor’s location. The process was laborious and often, the operator would need to call the patient back after finding a suitable doctor to visit leading to a poor level of customer care.

Additionally, Doctorcall partners with a number of hotels and insurance companies to provide medical care to guests and tourists with operators sometimes needing to reschedule appointments throughout the day to ensure SLAs with these third parties could be adhered to.

Haulmont developed a custom solution within a few months designed to expedite the call handling process through automation. The solution involved two booking options; via the operator using a call booking screen or booking directly on the Doctorcall website. Both options manage the request by priority to automatically schedule the most suitable doctor for each appointment.

Using Haulmont’s solution, Doctorcall is able to subcontract to partner clinics, provide more accurate ETAs through Google Maps and traffic data, improve operational efficiency and customer care and improve management of resources through data analysis. More recently, the agile, responsiveness of the technology has meant that the business has been able to quickly roll out Covid tests.

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