New addition to the Sherlock Taxi ranks

New addition to the Sherlock Taxi ranks

Streamline Taxis has been operating in Brighton and Hove since 1936. With 320 vehicles and 650 drivers, the business is a preferred supplier for major businesses and schools in the area. Streamline is a TOA – Taxi Owners’ Association. This means that the business is owned by its drivers and they make decisions about how the company in managed.

Streamline had been using their incumbent supplier for over 20 years but recently began evaluating alternative suppliers as the drivers no longer felt that their supplier was offering the best technology solution for their needs. The incumbent supplier was not innovating or updating its technology frequently and offered poor technical support and responses to ongoing system-related issues.

The drivers on the Board of Directors started looking for a new technology partner in 2017 and had narrowed their choice down to two of the ‘big players’ in the market. Sherlock Taxi was actually a later addition to their evaluation process and based on a recommendation from a trusted third-party provider.

Sherlock Taxi was chosen as the best solution for Streamline based on a number of factors. The drivers were particularly impressed with the sophistication of features available within the system and different configuration options to truly tailor the solution to meet their individual business needs. The Board of Directors were also able to visit Addison Lee to see how they are using Shamrock, the sister-solution to Sherlock Taxi which Sherlock Taxi was modelled on during the initial development process.

We chose Sherlock because of the great range of features available and reliability of the technology. Visiting Addison Lee was really useful as we got to see the automated allocation working in a large-scale environment.

Paul Wardle, Streamline Director

As with any system changeover, there is a period of adjustment and teething issues can occur as staff all get used to using a new system. With an onsite Sherlock Taxi implementation, businesses benefit from technical staff from our development team onsite throughout the process. We had four members onsite with Streamline for two weeks during the go-live phase to ensure that the system transition would run as smoothly as possible.

We have been really happy with the support that we have received – the team are already proving their value. The system is really easy to use and is giving us much better visibility over drivers as a whole.

Amgad Mechaeil, Streamline Director

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