CUBA Platform at JPoint 2017

The team presented the CUBA platform at JPoint 2017, an international Java conference held on 7-8th April 2017 in the WTC Congress Center, Moscow. The main topics of the conference were productivity, parallelism, testing, distributed systems and high loads in the Java world, as well as the future of the platform.

This was not the first time that Haulmont has taken part in the JPoint conference, but this year the company was also a Silver sponsor of the event. The CUBA platform was represented by Project Director, Alexey Stukalov and Java-developer, Danil Tsarev. One of our team members from Togliatti, Ilya Kuchmin, visited the conference as a guest and also helped the project team on the stand wherever possible.  

«We had a bright stand, a big plasma screen showing the platform, two laptops, promotional materials and lots of pens. We drew lots of people to the stand and engaged with lots of visitors throughout the show. 150 people visited our stand over two days. I also had the chance to talk with some speakers in an informal setting», Danil Tsarev shared his impressions about the conference.

The Haulmont team who remained in our office in Samara also got to take part in the conference. A  live stream from Moscow was shown in a large meeting room, so the team could watch the most interesting presentations about trending solutions from the show.

«As it was my first time as a representative of the Cuba Platform, the experience was both interesting and challenging — almost 10 hours of communication with people from all over the world. Our schedule was quite intense, but the overall impression was definitely positive — a unique experience, communication with experts and the feeling that we are developing a product which people find interesting and useful», Danil Tsarev’s impressions of the conference.