THESIS 2019 round-up

THESIS 2019 round-up

2019 has been another exciting and productive year for THESIS, Haulmont Technology’s ECM and business process automation tool.

Part of our Haulmont philosophy is ‘Digital First,’ empowering our customers to harness technology to make their businesses better. We have a large development team and focus on building great products which are continuously being iterated to keep our customers at the forefront of digital innovation.

This year we implemented a major new version of THESIS - clients were delivered THESIS 4.4. New features of the release include:

  • Ability to recognise duplicate records in contact lists to stop users doubling up on information
  • Easier functionality and usability for managing tasks via the mobile app
  • Ability to import documents from file storage directly into the mobile app
  • Improved search in the mobile app
  • Support for Microsoft Office 365, Windows Server 2016 and 2019
  • End-user system administrators can now upload their own custom manuals based on business-specific workflows

This year THESIS gained over 100 new clients across various geographies including Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and the UK. The new clients are across a variety of verticals including banking, pharmaceuticals and energy - a testament to the versatility of THESIS. Major new clients and projects include Kurban Group, CAEPCO, Ehrmann and Whirlpool as well as other big names in the car and finance industries that are currently under NDA.

Additionally, we continued our campaigns across the UK by attending three events: Digital Transformation Conference, AIIM Forum Europe and RegTech Expo. These events are targeted at very different markets but all have themes around digital transformation and putting data at the heart of an organisation. Delegates at these events ranged from technology/IT professionals industry-wide, to information governance and data management professionals through to compliance officers in banking respectively.

Feedback from delegates was positive and there are many discussions in place to continue the expansion of THESIS into the UK and Ireland.

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