Green Cabs – 175 car fleet launch as Sherlock Taxi’s first customer in New Zealand

Green Cabs – 175 car fleet launch as Sherlock Taxi’s first customer in New Zealand

Green Cabs has been in business for 12 years and operates in five cities across the whole of New Zealand – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. The business is committed to supporting green initiatives and is the first small passenger service company in New Zealand to operate a 100% low emissions fleet with hybrid and electric vehicles in all of its cities. Since launching in 2007, the business has also partnered with Trees for the Future to plant over 350,000 trees and counting to offset fleet emissions.

Clearly a forward-thinking business, the leadership team approached Sherlock Taxi as they were looking to invest in new technology to continue growing their business. Part of their strategy involves growing their pre-booked business and their incumbent supplier was not providing the tools needed to offer this service reliably. Additionally, the reporting functionality of the previous system made it difficult to analyse the business and make informed decisions.

The team had a couple of Sherlock Taxi demos and many conversations with the Implementation and Development teams before signing. They particularly liked the auto-allocator and its configurable algorithms that would help to deliver a consistent service through fair distribution of jobs. A key component of their decision to migrate to the Sherlock system was the ability to transition from dated taxi meters and analogue call centres to a fully integrated system.

Sherlock’s team worked with Green Cabs to scope out their existing business processes to configure the system to suit their individual business needs. As part of launching with Sherlock, two members of the development team flew out to New Zealand to be onsite for the go-live. The system was launched remotely from Wellington for the city of Dunedin to initially test the system and make any necessary tweaks to settings and configurations to optimise it.

Rob Wheeler, General Manager was very impressed with the team from Sherlock onsite – noting that they were not afraid of making suggestions to tweak settings for the benefit of the business, even if that meant that they would have to work longer days or increase their own workloads to get this done.

I don’t regret taking any of the Sherlock team’s advice – their suggestions onsite during go-live were awesome and made sense for our business. I’m 100% happy with Sherlock and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to someone else.

Rob Wheeler, General Manager
Green Cabs

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