Addison Lee

Key Facts:

Annual turnover:
£ 350,000,000
Maximum journeys per day:
Journeys automatically allocated:
Reduction in dead mileage:

Europe’s largest minicab company with a fleet of almost 5,000 vehicles carrying 10 million passengers a year, Addison Lee was sold to Carlyle Group for £300m in 2012 following a period of technology-led growth that saw the company grow from £29m turnover in 2003 to £350m in 2018.

Haulmont has worked with Addison Lee since 2008, providing bespoke development for the company’s bespoke Shamrock system and playing a critical role in supporting the 20% year on year growth during this period.

Haulmont’s software manages Addison Lee’s entire business, from bookings and dispatch through to billing and wages. Dispatch is handled by the Auto Allocator, an algorithm-based dynamic scheduler that distributes more than 98% of the company’s 30,000 journeys a day with no manual intervention. The Auto Allocator was awarded ‘Best Innovation’ at the National Business Awards, the UK’s ‘Business Oscars’.


Key Facts:

Cases per year:
Collections increase:
Direct costs reduction:

AR-12 is a comprehensive contact centre, debt collection and field agent platform originally designed for JBW Group and now offered as a product for other organisations in the enforcement sector.

AR-12 is designed around a unique debtor-centric model that provides a single view of a debtors’ profile, propensity, history and case portfolio in order to drive the optimum collection strategy for each individual with full compliance with the highest industry standards and legal requirements.

AR-12 has been in use for several years and has produced outstanding results for its first user, JBW Group. Analysis has proved an increase of up to 50% in EA productivity compared to previous performance. AR-12 completes more cases with fewer visits, delivering a 22% increase in collections for JBW clients. At the same time, JBW has also enjoyed a 12% reduction in direct costs due to utilizing office and field based staff more intelligently than ever before.

The Keyholding Company

Key Facts:

Field force agents (Operatives):
Service Partner network:
Number of jobs a month:

Chase provides a truly smart enterprise platform to automate core business processes for KHC. After a successful pilot project, Chase has successfully replaced the legacy system and unlocked KHC’s huge potential for growth. Working in a cross-functional team with Keyholding’s own technical staff, Haulmont developers implemented a truly agile development process which sees new releases twice a month to deliver increased business efficiency.

KHC offers 25 different services to its 22,000 clients, requiring a very flexible and responsive system. Chase covers the whole execution process, from the booking, through delivery and reporting to Clients. Alongside this increased transparency for customers, Chase also enables complex internal workflows to be configured for automatic implementation, enabling KHC to manage tasks across different business units and departments for better efficiency and customer service.

As The Keyholding Company continues to enjoy phenomenal year-on-year growth, Haulmont is proud to play an important role in delivering the competitive advantages to ensure on-going success.